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What Does a Pain Clinic Do for Acute Pain?

What Does a Pain Clinic Do for Acute Pain?

People trying to find a pain clinic Langhorne PA might need professional help like what can be offered by the folks from Performance Pain. To help you know in advance what you can expect, let’s cover some of the basics behind treating acute pain. Keep this information in mind before deciding whether or not you want to come in for professional help!

You Might Not Actually Have Acute Pain

Chronic pain is defined as pain persisting for 12 weeks or more. Therefore, if your pain doesn’t bother you that much, but has lasted this long, then you do have chronic pain! Many people assume that terms like “acute” and “chronic” are discussing the intensity of your pain when this is not true!

It All Starts with a Diagnosis

The first thing that you will need before you can come in and get effective treatment form a pain doctor is to understand exactly what the problem is. The first thing you will need is a complete diagnosis that demonstrates exactly what is going on and the steps needed to reverse the symptoms and get back on the road towards recovery!

Pain Clinics Help Both Acute & Chronic Pain

The beauty of pain clinics is that they know how to treat all forms of acute and chronic pain. At least if you go to the right clinic! This is usually the better option than going to the ICU or emergency room as you will be dealing with professionals who specialize in the form of treatment that you need!

Acute Pain is Generally Easier to Handle

If you come in to visit a pain clinic in Langhorne PA they will have a much easier time treating your acute pain than they would chronic pain. After all, acute pain is usually much easier to handle. Chronic pain, on the other hand, can last a lifetime without the proper treatment.

It May Only Require an Appointment or Two!

Since acute pain is often much easier to handle than chronic pain, you will probably be able to get everything handled within an appointment or a handful of appointments. Acute pain is generally very straightforward to handle and can often be cured completely in a short period!

Surgery is Most-Likely Not Necessary!

Unless your acute pain is just the beginning of a long-term chronic pain condition, you probably won’t need surgery. Even if you do end up getting a chronic pain condition, there are holistic methods like those at Performance Pain that can help you heal naturally and avoid pain medication and surgery.

Searching for a Pain Clinic in Pennsylvania?

If you want to find a great pain clinic in Langhorne PA that can handle all forms of both acute and chronic pain, you are encouraged to come stop by and see us here at Performance Pain. After your free consultation, you will be left with a complete diagnosis and steps that you can take to heal!

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