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6 Effective and Easy-to-Follow SEO Tips

Search engine optimization is already similar to a science. Especially for newcomers, it is often difficult to find a start. Although there are a large number of contributions on the Internet, they often contribute more to confusion than to clarification.

In this post, Chetan Sureja wants to turn back to the SEO San Jose CA beginners for this reason and give them helpful SEO tips that can be done quickly and improve the ranking.

Find the Right Keywords

At the very beginning of Google search engine optimization, many websites fail. Only on the basis of a very good keyword research, the search engine optimization as a whole can be successful. One mistake is to spend too little time defining the search terms.

For keyword research, Google’s keyword tools are particularly useful. They refer to empirical data that comes exactly from where you usually want to optimize – Google. The convenience of this is also that in addition to the search volume and the competition density is spent, which gives the user a first insight, how difficult an optimization will be, or how profitable this will be.

 The Anchor Text

The anchor text – also called link text – is of central importance both in the OffPage and in the On Page SEO optimization. Here it is important that the previously defined search terms are used. The combinations in the external linking should always be slightly varied so that the link looks natural. For the in-page links, it is important that the Anchor texts with the appropriate keywords then also lead to pages that have the keyword on the topic.

Relevance vs. Domain Authority

In the past, backlink generation was mainly about getting a link that came from one page with the highest PageRank possible. But since the DA is pretty easy to manipulate, it’s getting more and more neglected by Google. Much more important, however, was the relevance of the left-hand side. Added to this is the trust Google puts in the page. The higher the trust – the SEO Company San Jose CA speaks of authority – the better the link.

In the backlink generation, the DA can be quietly ignored. Much more important is that you get links from sites that are rated as good by Google and are relevant to the topic of your own site.

Use Widgets

Clever use of widgets allows one page to get many backlinks. However, one should be aware of the risk that one has no control over where the widgets are used. If also spam pages of the widget and left thus on this own page, this can also have a negative impact on the trustworthiness of your own page. When using widgets for backlink generation, you have to be smart and careful.

Nofollow Links

Unfortunately, still, an issue are links that are equipped with the nofollow attribute. Although Matt Cutts has already said on behalf of Google that the link juice on the site is not preserved by nofollow links but rather lost, many webmasters still work with it.

Nofollow links bring for the search engine optimization, the popularity of a page and thus the ranking nothing because they are simply not followed by the search engines and therefore not scored.

Backlinks should therefore always be taken to ensure that they are tracked (visible in the source text of a page).

A Flat Web Page Hierarchy

The simpler the hierarchy of a web page, the easier it is for the search engine crawlers to understand it. For this reason, one should make sure that the website structure does not have too many levels.

In any case, it is also advisable to install an sitemap, which will be sent to Google to make reading the page easier.

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