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the beat saber simulator

The Beat Saber Simulator Is The Best Game For Events

The Beat Saber Simulator is fully interactive and engaging experience for people of all ages… This is very a sophisticated, however remarkably ‘light’ piece of equipment, completely adaptative as it absorbs the software-user, or gamer…

In a nutshell, this game is a music-rhythm based, ‘almost 1982-2018 Tron’ style in graphics/effects and format. Beat Saber is both surrealistic and neon in its conception; featuring multi-faceted blocks of light. This futuristic style appearance looks electronic in the way it’s present, and is timeless in its design and character!

best saber game

The Beat Saber Simulator

Okay, so now we are ready, and suitably armed-to-the-teeth… with light-saber in-hand, the gamer is required to chop light particles into tiny abstract splinters of colour.

Once installed, the program supports varying levels of difficulty and a range of musical tracks/beats to pair and tether a complex synchronization of light/sound.

The Beat Saber Simulator is points focus, and every single block of colour corresponds to the colour of the saber that you yield! As a multi-player game with every successful slice, and (of course) accuracy of cut, resonates intrinsically with your final score.

We have BOMBS, articles-of-obstruction and small impediments and hindrances, to thwart you on your roads….

The game is very easy

Great-to-master, and simple for people of all ages to pick-up and play!

This also works well as a dancing machine, requiring certain physical exercise and resilience, which will get your heart really racing – people will literally dance as they dodge lightning cubes, and electronic thunderbolts! This is rhythm-driven, and drives your whole body; it’s fast paced and with high-flying tempo!

Slash the beats – pick-up and fun to master… There are some great songs to play within the base game; and an experience like nothing else! – Feel the Rhythm: Immerse yourself in the smoothest combination of music beats and visual effects in Beat Saber’s truly unique game play…..

Beat Saber is a unique VR rhythm game where your goal is to slash the beats, represented by small cubes, as they are coming at you.

Beat Saber VR

Every beat indicates which saber you need to use and also the direction you need to match. All the music is compose to perfectly fit the handmade levels.

The goal is to make players almost dance while cutting the cubes and avoiding obstacles.

Each cut is strongly support by great sound and visual effects to emphasize the rhythm. To the beat of the music, you cut the cubes with one of your lightsabers. Each block has a color, corresponding to one of your lightsabers.

It’s Dance Dance Revolution or Guitar Hero transposed into virtual reality. It’s also translated into an intuitive, fanciful means of interaction. But it’s also hypnotic, so precise, and so adaptable to the skill level of the player. That makes most people able to easily pick it up, understand it, and feel the thrill of it. Putting a rhythm game in VR is an idea a lot of creators have had, but Beat Saber is the first game made with the polish and style necessary to make that idea feel greater than the sum of its age-old parts.

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