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Video Marketing: SEO and Content Syndication

As part of any online campaign you should be considering how to utilize video syndication as part of your Colorado Springs SEO strategy. Video Marketing syndication is getting a lot of buzz and attention right now because of 2 simple reasons.

Colorado Springs SEO
Colorado Springs SEO

Firstly its a free HUGE back linking system that doesn’t cost anything. Everytime you publish a video to all the various video websites (YouTube & it’s copycats) you are giving yourself another backlink to your site. This is very easily done by inserting the URL at the very front of every video description that is uploaded.

Secondly, Video Marketing represents a huge SEO opportunity because Search Engines give videos their own search priority. Every video on YouTube (or other video sites) has a description, title, and keyword tags you can also take help of Colorado SEO Agency to create this entire thing you need for your video. This means that each individual video becomes its own optimized piece of content.

Other advantages of Video Marketing include the social aspects of YouTube. YouTube is the 3rd most popular website in the country and as a business you can establish a YouTube channel for each station. Check out to see how big US companies are taking advantage of this. Toyota has 3,944 subscribers to their YouTube Channel.

HOW: There are a variety of high quality video syndication tools online that simplify the process of submitting videos to all the various video sites like youtube. The most effective of these tools is It is a paid tool, but it is the best. I use a service called that is also effective and offers both a free account and a premium upgrade. TubeMogul also offers effective tracking options to help you keep track of how many video views you are getting. Either of these tools allow you to upload the video once, inputting the Title, Description (with URL), and the keywords; and then submit it automatically to all the various video sites including: YouTube, Vimeo, Viddler, Facebook, MySpace Video, Yahoo Video, Veoh,, MetaCafe, etc.

Example: Yesterday I deployed a new video via It was syndicated to 7 different video websites. Within 24 hours I was in 3 positions on the first page of Google for the keywords I was targeting. This stuff really works.

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