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True Wholesale Silk Drapery Fabric

Incredible factory wholesale price brand new silk drapery fabric on our online store especially low price for printed silk chiffon.

We carry pure real silk fabric and SILK, POLYESTER, or RAYON BLEND SILK materials.

Here are some hints for benefits and character between and polyester/synthetic fabric silk.

Silk is a very complex fiber. It is created by small moths, usually Bombyx mori, in the white Mulberry trees of Asia. While silk used to be collected in small quantities from wild moths, it has since progressed to being “farmed”, known as sericulture. After the

Silk Drapery Fabric

moths create their cocoons, they’re harvested and unraveled thread by thread. Even in its raw state, silk has its characteristic smoothness and luster. This comes from the shape of the strands, something polyester hasn’t been able to mimic.

Before a textile is even made, the differences between silk and polyester fibers are astounding. Silk is mainly a substance called fibroin, a flexible structure similar to cellulose (the main component of cotton). Polyester, on the other hand, is a plastic with many possible compositions. While the synthetic may edge out a win when it comes to maintaining color or stretching while wet; silk dominates most other challenges.

The main difference is heat and moisture management. Silk drapery fabric is as comfortable in the cold as it is in the heat. While warm, silk allows air flow and feels like nothing more than a second skin. In the cold, heat can be maintained close to the skin without feeling overbearing. It does this while perfectly maintaining a moisture balance; silk actively wicks, absorbs and evaporates perspiration.

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