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Top 5 Personalized Return Gifts for Christmas That Won’t Hurt Your Pocket

The season for giving is almost here. It’s already September and most probably you’ve heard Christmas songs being played in malls and department stores. It may be too early to think about return gifts that you could give away for Christmas, but it’s a good time to plan and prepare a budget for it.

One of the most thoughtful return gifts that you can give away is a personalized Christmas return gifts. Firstly, personalized return gifts items are not very expensive. You can find items that range from $1 to $20 particularly on the internet. Same goes if you prefer to look for items at the mall, but you’ll find a little variance on the pricing, yet they’re still affordable.

If you have a limited budget of around $5 to $20, don’t be afraid to look for larger items such as shirts, towels or hoodies because you can find affordable items such as these and have them personalized for free. They key is to buy in numbers or in bulks of half dozen or 10’s, 12’s and 20’s. The more the merrier as they say.

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Here are the top 5 personalized return gifts picks that won’t leave your wallet empty:

  1. Personalized Thermal Mugs or Tumblers

With the cool breeze of the season and as Christmas is fast approaching, it is the right time to look for return gifts items that will complement the weather and the season. Personalized thermal mugs or tumblers are ideal to keep hot beverages for a long time.

You can find these online and offline, and in various colors and designs. Have it etched if it is a stainless steel type or have it inked with monogram, nickname or name of the recipient. When you buy online, generally the personalization is free. If you buy by the dozens or by batch of 10’s, the price would be much lower. Normally for this item you’ll only spend $5 or less for each.

  1. Personalized Scarf

Knitted wool scarves that are colorful are “in” this fall and onwards. Colors and more colors are expected to hit the fashion runways and streets, so make sure to get your family and friends those thick scarves that are made of knitted wool. For a twist, you can have it embroidered with monogram or nickname or initial. For around $5 to $10, you can get a wool scarf [for winter] online complete with free personalization.

  1. Personalized Beanie

Beanies are fun and fashionable especially for the young at heart. You can pair this with a scarf if you have the budget for it. Look for the knitted wool type and those that are thick and perfect for the winter. Have it embroidered with initials or emblems of your pals’ favorite car or school. These usually cost around $8 or less. Buy it bulk online for discounts so you can buy more items to go with it.

  1. Personalized Hoodies

Just in time for the cool weather are hoodies of different colors and sizes. These are great return gifts especially for teenagers and school kids. You can have the hoods printed or embossed with initials, or have the personalization at the back of the sweater itself. Hoodies usually cost around $20 to $40 a piece, but if you buy more, you can save more.

return gifts

  1. Personalized Wine

Who says you can’t personalize wines? You can find online stores that personalize the wine bottles for you and you can choose from red wine to chardonnay. Local wineries have tie-ups with online retailers to sell their wines to online customers. You can easily find these on the internet and you’ll be surprised to find personalized wines that are affordable. These wines may range from $25 to $100 per bottle, depending on the brand and type of wine. If you are strapped on cash, a regular table wine from a local distillery or vineyard is a good choice.

The art of return gifts-giving in during the Christmas season doesn’t have to drag your wallet down the drain. You can always find ways to make the return gifts special and thoughtful. Personalized Indian designer dresses are wonderful alternatives to expensive and high-end items, and they are quite unique which make them more special.

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