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The Most Common Web Design Mistakes

The growth of any business in this technology-driven days is fed by transforming needs and the requirement people’s for software product development. Similarly, your clients’ will come up with new business ideas to enhance their core competency so that their products and services remain competitive in the market. Practically this is not an easy task at ground level because the selection of the resources (right skills and latest technology) will cost high and that eventually raises the cost of production.

If a mistake happens, the entire team should take responsibility and conduct or examine from where does it has arisen and fix it. Here are the most mistakes that will happen during the development of the Car dealer website.

1. Uncertain MVP

Most of the companies behind the concept of high-speed development, it is necessary to have startup accelerators, and instant global reach of great ideas, having a minimum viable product (MVP) out in the market ASAP is a general goal for many companies. Especially, in cases like developing the dealer management system, at first everything seems to be small and easier but you will understand the complexity when you start developing the product. The product owner should clear about the MVP functionality.

The MVP is a great concept, you’ll face serious problems if you push it so far. So be clear about minimum viable functionality to launch your product successfully on the market in the defined time.

2. Customizing the existent product

Most of the companies in the market provide customized software as per the needs of your business. But some prefer customization over new product development to mitigate costs and achieve faster time-to-market. This makes them foresee the failure of products due to fast-changing technology world they will fall way behind a more technologically competent product offered by their competitors.

One of the biggest issues with customization is lack of resiliency after implementation, the customization layer becomes profoundly rigid and fails to offer resiliency when the business requirements change.

In reality, finding possibilities for identifying reusable components, changing them to modern requirements may cost more than developing from scratch. Therefore new product development is cheaper and time-saving as compared to customization.

3. Incomplete market research

A car dealers system is to easy the several processes such as searching for a new or used car, requesting services, financing and etc. Market research is used at all stages of the product lifecycle, Right from concept to maturity. It serves a wide range of objects, such as defining the needs of the system, considering likely demand, establishing prices, developing the specification of the product or determining optimal price points, to name a few.

Not only that, market research can unravel potential opportunities for new products, as well as revitalize existing products, either by implementing new features or finding new markets. Given the costs involved in innovation, research and development, and commercialization, market research provides a high ROI.

The market research can benefit your product development initiatives in the following ways:

  • Identifying new market opportunities and evaluating the existing markets
  • Segmenting and analyzing the market
  • Selecting the best target market
  • Evaluating and analyzing the company’s reputation and performance
  • Positioning a product
  • New product development
  • Planning and implementing a marketing mix that meets business objectives

4. Not Developing for Different Screen Sizes

Launch of smartphones with different screen resolutions has brought new ways of obtaining online content, which also comes with a host of web development issues. Made it key concerning factor for developing any kind of software. The number of website visits that come from smartphones and tablets growing every day and the aforementioned trend is accelerating.

In order to ensure seamless navigation and access to website content, you must enable users to access it from all types of devices. There are various patterns and methods for building responsive web applications. Each development platform has its own tips and tricks, but there are some independent frameworks. The most popular one is Twitter Bootstrap. Due to its open-source nature and free HTML, CSS, and JavaScript framework that has been adopted by every major development platform.

5. Lack of coordination between teams

Companies that start a development center at a low-cost location and market products for larger or sophisticated markets such as the US or Europe.

In such cases, the product marketing team and the offshore development team usually work in isolation. Sometimes the marketing activities start before complete product development. The marketing functions should be closely aligned with product development activities to ensure that the product is developing up as per the market needs and user requirements. The absence of collaboration between teams at all stages of software development can end in a stream of complaints about product features, quality of service, and product marketing materials.

6. Evading the Prototype Phase

Prototyping is a significant step while developing an MVP. It is a visual representation of the actual user interface, it brings your idea to life, and what is more, it makes the app development process easier. In addition, it is essential as it dispels any doubts the investors might have about the product. Developing prototype will give an idea to the client how the interface going look. And have the chance to make possible changes.

7. Inappropriate Development Method.

The software development can be done in two methods such are traditional waterfall methodology and agile. The agile method is more efficient for long time complex projects which come up with changes in requirement frequently. And also, agile development is more efficient when compared to the waterfall due to its ability to deliver high-quality results after every sprint and have the chance to discuss hurdles in daily scrum meetings. The development company should go with the best suitable method as per the requirements of the client.

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