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Brain Power Continued

As promised, in today’s post I want to dig into the third mind element, the superconscious mind. Scholars and clinicians often debate the existence of the superconscious part of the human mind. For our purposes, my goal is to introduce the concept and allow you to draw your own conclusions about the validity of the concept and in turn how this new knowledge might impact your adrenal fatigue treatment and recovery.

The superconscious mind is the part of our minds that links us to the one single source of energy or power within the universe. See, I told you this one is going to require your own belief and interpretation. For some, it is the part of the mind that connects to god. For others, it is regarded as the part of the mind where one’s spirit or soul resides. The theory is that tapping into this part of the mind will provide insight into what makes one tick at the innermost core. In my research and analysis on this topic, I’ve found that it is more important to think about this mind element from the perspective of does it exist or not versus trying to understand its exact composition. Meaning, if you are skeptical about anything spiritual and or doubt the existence of anything spiritual, you will ignore this element of the mind and not utilize it in your adrenal fatigue treatment. On the other hand, if you are a spiritual person you may find value in tapping into the superconscious mind as part of your adrenal fatigue recovery process.

Adrenal Fatigue Treatment

Right now you may be wondering “how do these parts of my mind impact my adrenal fatigue recovery process?” As I’ve stated throughout the history of this site, my belief is that adrenal fatigue recovery is a process that involves many elements, including; diet, lifestyles choices, stress control, exercise, and a psychological component. If you’ve made all the other changes and still don’t feel at peace or are still experiencing some of the symptoms of adrenal fatigue, it may be time to talk to your practitioner about the psychological element, including a discussion of the superconscious mind. There are several different techniques that specifically trained natural practitioners use to tap into the superconscious mind as part of the therapeutic process. I’ve read and heard of numerous individuals that experience reduction of symptoms due to this psychological treatment. It may not be the right move for everyone, but you need to be informed and aware of all of your treatment options.

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