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If You Have to Apply for Help You Will Need a Sample Free Custom Paystub

Unfortunately, in today’s tough economic time’s many people are having to turn to state and county agencies to help them make ends meet. In order to be able to qualify for most aid programs, the person must be able to provide proof that their income is sufficiently low enough to qualify for them. If they are unemployed this is generally not hard as the agencies will automatically contact the unemployment services for the information. However, if the person has a job they will have to provide a sample of how to create free custom pay stub to show how much they earn.

For anyone who has a family and is trying to live on minimum wage, their sample paycheck stub is going to show the agency that their income is sufficiently low enough to qualify them for most of the programs available. In many cases though, they will have to prove more than one month’s income before they can qualify for all of the different programs.


Often when people find themselves in this position they are also already in debt having been used to a much bigger paycheck, but with cutbacks and wage cuts are now having difficulty making ends meet let alone making loan payments. If they want to work with the companies that have loaned them money such as a mortgage or a credit card the first thing they are going to need is a sample paycheck stub from before when they were making full wage and one from their current significantly lower wage.

The only way most financial institutions will work with anyone to make a significant reduction in the monthly payment is if they can show that there has been a major reduction in their income. For this reason, it is highly recommended that people keep a copy of their pay stubs for the last 12 months on hand.

Remember not only does a pay stub show how a person’s gross pay is but it also shows their pay rate is so that it is easy to see where a major pay cut has taken place. On the pay stub, the employer must also list any and all taxes and deductions that have been taken out before the employee is given a paycheck or payroll deposit that matches the net pay. While some may feel that keeping a sample paystub in their files serves no purpose, it does not take long to find out just how useful it can be if something happens to your job.

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